About the Series

Show Me the F$#!KING Money, being developed initially as a year round web series for a global audience interested in an intimate insiders look at film financing and distribution.

Utilizing our exclusive rolodex and years of experience producing finance events around the world (Turks & Caicos, Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, Barbados and around the U.S.) and as co-chair of the prestigious Bloomberg Film & TV Finance Summit held biannually in NY and LA, we intend to provide audiences interested in the business of film a close up on the who’s who of those financing and distributing films.

Rather than filming talking heads at conferences, which would not hold the interest of a general audience, this series will focus on one on one interviews with the people that make it happen, as well as The View style debate panels lead by guest hosts.

Topics will vary based on hot subjects and sponsorship, but will all be focused on how to invest, raise and recoup money in the film business.

Cross branding will be conducted for the book that launched the series concept of the same title by entertainment attorney and finance consultant Vinca Jarrett, who has already interviewed more than 40 A-level industry financiers, distributors and professionals in the business of film, some of whom who will also appear on the series.

This will not just be a “how to” series, but will focus on the sex appeal of the business, and the myriad of reasons people become involved in financing films, which are not just focused on “return of capital”.


Group Shot of Production Team Cannes

Group Shot of Production Team Cannes

Vinca Jarrett & Steven Adams have collaborated on many projects over the years.
Together they strategized on launching a first of its kind web series based on the book utilizing their vast connections with top tiered film business professionals aimed at demystifying the business of film.

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Group Shot of Production Team Cannes

Group Shot of Production Team Cannes

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