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Carol Patton’s first job was as the “weather girl” Carol Frost on K-GUN TV in Tucson, Arizona where she grew up and went to school. Her first taste of fame was the result of an on air “blooper.” If you ask her, she may tell you about it.

After moving to the anchor desk and spending several years in front of the camera, Patton began writing, directing and producing commercial, documentary and feature work. She spent five years in London with the BBC Documentary Division, where she also served on The Queen’s Speaker Panel, and the two years immediately following with NBC News & Entertainment. For three years she lived in Seoul, Korea where she worked with that country bringing its television capabilities up to world broadcast color standards and expanding television programming. She traveled throughout Southeast Asia, including Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia seeking programming acquisitions and programming partners for Asian television. She has lived and worked all over the world. She has also served as General Manager of major market Broadcast groups in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Las Vegas. Her film credits include PRAY FOR POWER, FOLLOW THE BROCCOLI, SEASIDE SEDUCTION, CELTIC PRIDE, THE CRUCIBLE, THE ADVENTURES OF SPACE BABY & MENTAL MAN, and others.

IMG_5093In 1998 she founded IMAGINE Publishing, Inc., a company that publishes IMAGINE Magazine, a monthly trade magazine in print and online that is totally devoted to the business of film, television and new media production in the Northeast. Through Imagine, she promotes the production industries in the region from concept to distribution, and supports and encourages the industry’s talents and technologies. IMAGINE also produces industry seminars and workshops in New England and supports industry related non-profits and its many film festivals. IMAGINE tells the stories of our industry and the people who work in it. IMAGINE attends 10 major industry events every year, distributing IMAGINE and telling New England’s great stories. Not everyone she puts on the cover of IMAGINE wins an Academy Award, but several have.

In 2002 she introduced film tax credits to Massachusetts and other New England States.  She wrote her definitive piece in the October 2004 edition of IMAGINE Magazine. As soon as that issue of IMAGNE hit the street, her office got a call from the Governor Romney’s office asking for twenty copies. That changed the nature of our struggle to pass legislation. The rest is history, we were able to introduce legislation, educate the elected class and pass the Massachusetts Film Tax credits in 2005 to take effect in 2006; and she helped make them better in 2006 (took effect in 2007)!

Since then her most important work has been in support of the Film and Television production industry and to defend the region’s film tax incentive programs. Her goal is to make New England the number three production Mecca in the country. She believes this region has the talent, institutions, crew base, and natural resources to make this happen. She views it as a job creation, clean, business based industry effort that should be coveted by our elected officials

Patton is the recipient of the Abraham Lincoln Distinguished Broadcasters Award and the Harvard “Harvey” Award for service to the film community; the Image Award for Vision and Excellence from Women in Film & Video, New England and the Crystal Creative Vision Award from the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Some of its past recipients include Blythe Danner, Michael Corrente and Jonathan Katz. She served two years as the President of an American Women in Radio and Television Chapter. She continues to work all over the world and lives in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Clips and full interview coming soon.

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