Christa Okkersen


CPA & Executive Director
Fisher Okkersen Film Audits

When working during studies at a Film Distributor in the Netherlands in the early eighties, I was asked by an American auditor to assist him with audits in the entertainment industry. After having been trained in New York by Ernest Nives, (CPA) for worldwide film audits, I started License Control B.V. in the Netherlands in 1983 and became the European based auditing partner of Ernest Nives.

From 1989 I also performed work for the same Dutch Distributor. In 1993, License Control teamed up with a Dutch entertainment lawyer (Peter Poeliejoe Zewald of  Audio Media Films) providing a wide range of services to professionals in the international film industry, to which we added the film audit services and still collaborating with Ernest Nives’ offices. From 1999, when my business partner deceased, License Control continued focussing on worldwide film auditing.

Because of increasing audit requests, a deal was struck between License Control and HW Fisher & Company of London in 2011 under the name FISHER OKKERSEN, which became one of the divisions of HW Fisher & Company`, which is an independently owned group of specialist businesses with 27 partners and around 300 staff and already had a division active in royalty and licensing auditing.

ChristaOkkersengroupshotOver the last 30 years I became thus specialized in the specific feature of audits pertaining to the worldwide film industry, in particular being capable of determining the correctness of the revenues and expenses generated (besides the usual audit procedure of verifying the accuracy of participation statements). Being active in the film industry for so long, we know the majority of the distributors and sales agents, their bookkeeping systems, the particularities of each territory with respect to the distribution expenses and revenues from all media concerned. We therefore also assist clients with assessments of audits and in which territories these would be most needed.

Further, we are accustomed to reviewing the findings with the audited party, and as an extra service we negotiate and settle the audit claims expeditiously thus avoiding onerous legal and collection fees and tensions in the relations with clients’ licensees.

Our clients consist of producers, sales companies and talent in the United States, Australia, Asia and throughout Europe. We act for some of the biggest names in the industry. Through the medium of audit, we represent their interests in the worldwide exploitation/distribution of filmed product. We are committed to deliver a tailored service to meet the individual needs.

Over these years, we have audited both theatrical and video distributors, sales companies, merchandising companies and film production companies all over the world. We provide a multi-lingual skillset and in some Asian territories, such as Japan and Korea, we make use of our long-term local staff to translate and to organize all the details of the audit. Local assistants are further in Rome, Berlin, Hong Kong/China and Benelux.

In the US we work in conjunction with a locally based specialist (John Zabel -CPA of Media Finance Structures). Furthermore, we work for many years closely with Fintage House and Protocol International.



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