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Executive Vice President
Cohen Media Group

Gary Rubin has over 20 years of experience in the motion picture and television businesses encompassing acquisitions, production, and distribution and management responsibilities. He has been fortunate to wear multiple hats in almost all of his incarnations and is proud of his broad skill set.

In those years, he has acquired nearly 100 films, and evaluated countless more. In his current position as Executive Vice President at the Cohen Media Group, Rubin has co-headed acquisitions where he acquired or helped acquire MY OLD LADY starring Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline, and Kristen Scott Thomas, THE ATTACK, FAREWELL MY QUEEN starring Lea Seydoux and Diane Kruger, the follow-up to SHOAH, LAST OF THE UNJUST and DELI MAN.

During that time, he also played an instrumental role in the company’s festival strategy, being responsible for placement in approximately 15 of the top 20 North American film festivals.

Among his many other duties, he also formed the company’s Ancillary Sales distribution mechanism, where he continued to build on his acute knowledge and experience of and in digital, cable, and satellite VOD, as well as forge relationships with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more, including all four of the country’s pay television networks (including Time Warner’s HBO).

Prior to that, he formed and acted as President of First Independent Pictures, a specialty distribution company, known for distributing the acclaimed documentary NEW YORK DOLL, Working Title’s SIXTY SIX starring Helena Bonham Carter, BIG FAN starring Patton Oswalt, and HOLY ROLLERS starring Jesse Eisenberg. In addition to distributing the following films, he also Executive Produced David Mamet’s EDMOND, the faux doc MAIL ORDER WIFE (produced by Doug Liman), and THE GREAT NEW WONDERFUL, starring an ensemble cast led by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Finally, he Executive Produced and co-financed the Disney Channel hit movie, BOB THE BUTLER, starring Brooke Shields and Tom Green. And Rubin personally oversaw all theatrical and ancillary distribution.

Rubin also served as Executive Vice President, TV Sales and Acquisitions, for Artisan Entertainment. In his time there, he oversaw a program of extremely profitable high end TV/video driven acquisitions including GOOD ADVICE starring Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards and TICKER, the first made for video/tv Steven Seagal film.

He also oversaw all TV and VOD distribution of the company’s product, including the first ever national VOD deal that led to many major studios following suit, acting as point on two Showtime output deal renegotiations, and making a then record setting 2nd TV window sale for The Blair Witch Project.

Prior to that, Rubin was employed by October Films, where he held the position of VP, Ancillary Distribution and Library Acquisitions. October was and remains one of the most memorable specialty film distribution companies of the last 50 years. While there he shepherded and Associate Produced the tv/video success THE BREAKUP, starring Bridget Fonda, Kiefer Sutherland and Steven Weber amongst numerous other responsibilities that included much of the company’s ancillary activity.

Before that, Rubin acted as President of Prism Pictures, a company that oversaw 8 direct to video and TV productions yearly, not to mention overseeing TV sales domestically.

Rubin began his Entertainment career by being employed at Showtime Networks where he observed the explosion of US pay TV.

Gary has worked closely with both Michigan and such charities as Federation in fundraising activities.

Rubin teaches classes at UCLA in indie acquisitions, distribution and finance.

Clips and full interview coming soon.

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