Hal Sadoff


Executive Producer, Finance Consultant, Agent

Over the past 26 years, Sadoff has developed an extensive global network of relationships within the media,  entertainment  and  financial  communities through  his  involvement  in  numerous  financing  transactions  with  film, television and digital content producers, distributors, production companies, international  sales  organizations and banks, as well as all of  the major  and mini-major film studios. Sadoff is one of the leading financial advisors to the media and entertainment  industry  and  has played an integral role in more than 450 film productions and financings totaling over $3.5 billion. The range of transactions and advisory work that he has been involved in has included single picture financings, tax/subsidy based film financings, initial public offerings, private placements, corporate credit and acquisition financings.

Sadoff  served  as  Head  of  International  and  Film  Finance  at  International Creative Management (“ICM”), one of the leading talent agencies in the world, from  2004  until  2012,  overseeing  a  team  of  agents  and  responsible  for packaging, financing, distribution and  sales of feature films, television and digital content. In  his  role, Sadoff  had direct  interaction with many of the agency’s clients. Sadoff  regularly attended  all of  the major film festivals including Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Berlin, Sundance and Tribeca. In addition,  he  built  a  corporate  consultancy business at ICM,  representing clients such as The Doha Film Institute, Swarovski  Entertainment, Technicolor and  Studio  Babelsberg. A selection of  films that  Sadoff  was directly involved in either packaging, structuring the financing and arranging the distribution while at ICM include, CARNAGE, which was nominated for two Golden Globes, directed  by Roman Polanski and starring  Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, John C. Riley and  Christoph Waltz; CRAZY HEART, which was nominated for three and won two Academy Awards, starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie  Gyllenhaal; BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS  YOU’RE DEAD,  directed  by  Sidney Lumet and starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman  and Ethan  Hawk; THE GHOST WRITER, directed by Roman  Polanski and starring Pierce Brosnan and Ewen McGregor; PENELOPE, starring James McAvoy and Christina Ricci; A PERFECT  GETAWAY,  starring  Milla  Jovovich;  EVERYTHING  MUST  GO,  starring  Will Ferrell;  THE  JONESES,  starring  Demi  Moore  and  David  Duchovney;  and MANAGEMENT, starring Jennifer Aniston.

Immediately prior to joining ICM, Sadoff served as an Executive Producer and financial consultant on several  films including HOTEL RWANDA, which was nominated for three Academy Awards.  Befor  that, Sadoff was co-founder, partner and head of the Los Angeles office of Cobalt Media Group, a leading media financing and international  sales company. At Cobalt, he was directly involved  in  structuring, arranging financing and  selling over twenty-five productions including HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG, starring Jennifer Connelly and Sir Ben Kingsley; OPEN RANGE, directed by and starring Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall and Annette Bening; Chicken Run, from DreamWorks; THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, starring Pierce Brosnan; SWIMFAN, starring Jesse Bradford and Erica Christenson; and BAND OF BROTHERS,  a highly  acclaimed HBO  series Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

Prior to forming Cobalt, Sadoff also served as Senior Vice President and Head of the Los Angeles office of London-based National Westminster Bank. After completing the bank’s training program in the New York and London offices, he  spearheaded  the  building  of  NatWest’s  Los  Angeles  Media  and Entertainment  Finance  Group  over  the  next  thirteen  years.  Sadoff  provided the  entertainment  industry  with  a  full  range  of  advisory,  financing  and investment banking services. He was instrumental in expanding the group to become  one  of  the  leading  financiers  to  the  entertainment  industry  in  the world. In this role, he structured and provided financing for companies such as  MCA/Universal,  Universal  Studios  Florida,  New  Line  Cinema,  Samuel Goldwyn  Pictures,  All  American  Communications,  Warner  Bros.,  Sony Pictures,  The  Walt  Disney  Company,  Twentieth  Century  Fox,  Mandalay, Artisan,  Live  Entertainment,  Republic  Pictures  and  Cinergi  Pictures.  Project financing  transactions  included WILD THINGS,  LOST IN SPACE,  IN LOVE AND WAR, SEVEN  YEARS  IN  TIBET,  LES MISERABLES,  STARGATE,  DIE  HARD: WITH  A  VENGEANCE, WAKING  NED  DEVINE,  EVITA,  WHAT’S  EATING  GILBERT  GRAPE,  MUCH  ADO  ABOUT NOTHING, and A BRONX TALE.

Sadoff  is  a  frequent  speaker  at  various media  and  entertainment  industry events  and  conferences  around  the  world.  He  currently  serves  as  a  board member  of  The  Creative  Coalition,  a  not-for-profit  non-partisan  art  and education advocacy group.



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