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Producer, Director & Writer
The John Strong Company

John Strong has extensive background in motion picture and television production and distribution, having served as producer, director, writer, executive producer, head of production or production supervisor for more than fifteen motion pictures, five Network television series and a number of television specials. Mr. Strong and his companies have had co-production and development relationships with companies such as Warner Brothers, MCA/Universal, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Atlantic Entertainment Group, MCEG, Depatie/Freeleng, Golden Harvest Films Group, and Hanna Barbera.

Some of Mr. Strong’s motion picture and television credits include, For Your Eyes Only (Roger Moore as James Bond), A Show of Force (Andy Garcia, Robert Duval, Kevin Spacey, Lou Diamond Phillips, amy Irving,  Paramount Pictures) Eddie and the Cruisers (Michael pare, Tom Berenger, with more than thirty nine million dollars of CBS Records’ soundtrack albums sold), Heart Like a Wheel (Beau Bridges, Bonnie Bedelia), The Earthling(William Holden, Ricky Schroeder), COP (James Woods, Charles Durning, Atlantic Releasing) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (highest grossing independent production in the history of the film, GH Films), Fatal Charm (Christopher Atkins, James Remar, Amanda Peterson), Letting Sarah Go (Alfre Woodward, Charles Dutton, Alison Elliott, Jill Clayburgh), Mr. Boo (Michael & Sammo Hui, Raymond Chow), Stormy Monday (Melanie Griffith, Sting, Tommy Lee Jones), Summer Heat (Lori Singer, Anthony Edwards), Teen Wolf II (Jason Bateman, Kim Cox, Bernie Casey), 1969 (Robert Downey, Jr.), Steele Justice (Sela Ward, Marty Kove, Ronnie Cox, Bernie Casey) Knights of the City (Leon Kennedy, Sammy Davis, Jr.), The Garbage Pail Kids, (Anthony Newley, Astin McKenzie), The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sy Weintraub Productions/BBC), The Lords of Flatbush (Sylvester Stallone), ASCAP’S 65th Anniversary Special, The Trill of the Fall (Clint Eastwood NBC/Universal Pictures), Probe (Sir John Guilgud, Hugh O’Brian, Elke Sommer, NBC/Warner Brothers), McCloud (Dennis Weaver, NBC/Universal), The Charlie Sheen Stunt Spectacular, the Ultimate Weapon (Hulk Hogan, Vanguard Media Group) Search, (Anthony Franciosa, Doug McClure, Hugh O’Brian, Burgess Meredith/Warner Brothers), I Spy (NBC), Love American Style (ABC), The Outer Limits & Stoney Burke (Daystar Productions), Hawaii Five-O (CBS), Return to the Planet of the Apes (CBS/DePatie-Freleng), Superchimp (CBS/DePatie-Freleng), The Horse Killers (Hanna Barbera), the Lords of Flatbush (Rob Reiner, Sylvester Stallone, MGM/TV & NBC Television). NBC development with MGM, Widerness Road: Nashville Road, Hey Cabby (Clerow Productions & NBC.)

Mr. strong has recently complete writing the screenplays for Programmed to Kill, Lords of Thunder & Hidden Agenda, The Burma Horseman & Greenbacks (Independent Artist Pictures). The Knife Fighter & The Last Pistolero, The White Dragon, Singapore Sling and Iron Dukes (Vanguard Media Group N.V.); and Gun Girl which is in pre-production.

Currently Mr. Strong is Producing the $50 million 3D animated Feature Motion Picture, P.C. & The Web, for Vanguard Media Group N.V.; as well as supervising the production of the Lords of Thunder internet and video games and Executive Producing Chopin, a European Co-Production with N.E.T. Entertainment, Germany, C.I.D.I.S. Film, Italy and A.I.M. Entertainment, UK,

In addition, Mr.Strong co-created The Black Vault television series and Radio Talk Show with the number one website of its kind in the world,, dealing with top secrets the government doesn’t want you to know.

Mr.Strong has extensive background in design and execution of special effects, CGI and animation production, having created all the show design elements for McCloud, Search, Probe, Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, The Virginian, The Outer limits, Fatal Charm, Steel Justice, Garbage Pail Kids, ABC Saturday Superstars, Superchimp, the Series Pilot, through Cinevent Corporation and Intermedia Limited, as well as creating feature picture campaigns for The Ultimate Weapon, Letting Sarah Go, Primal Instinct, Headshots, No Second Chance, Pushed to the Limit, Lords of Thunder, Knights of the City, The Last Pistolero, the Knife Fighter, Five Block Thunder, Hidden Agenda, The White Dragon, The Iron Duke, Savage Streets and The John Strong Show (Metromedia Television) and NBC/Four in One.

Clips and full interview coming soon.

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