Robbert Aarts


Founder and Co-CEO
Collection Account Management
Fintage House

Robbert became co-owner and co-CEO of Fintage House in 1999, a privately held global company that deals with Film, TV and Music rights. As Co-CEO, Robbert manages the Film & TV unit along with the marketing and business development department. The Fintage Film & TV division specializes in maximizing, securing and distributing revenues from multiple worldwide sources from distributors and broadcasters, to music and secondary rights collectives and government regulated societies.

Fintage House has been involved with thousands of film productions and TV series, amongst them numerous Oscar® Academy and Golden Globe® nominations and winners including films such as THE KING’S SPEECH, HURT LOCKER, IRON LADY, IDES OF MARCH, DRIVE, WOMAN IN BLACK, and THE HUNGER GAMES, TV series MAD MEN and LEVERAGE, recent films such as LOOPER”, CLOUD ATLAS, and ARBITRAGE and other award-winning releases including BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD and ZERO DARK THIRTY.

As an industry event speaker, Aarts was a member of the jury for the Netherlands Film Festival in 2005 and was instrumental in the financing of films in the Netherlands such as ENIGMA (Kate Winslet) and DISCOVERY OF HEAVEN. Robbert joined the board of directors of FilmAid International in 2011 and the following year he became a member of the board of directors for the Eye Film Institute (Amsterdam).

RobbertAartsgroupshotIn 2012, the backers of Fintage House established a new business in the USA with the completion bond company, Film Finance Inc., called CASHét Card LLC. CASHét is an innovative credit card system that offers cash-back and financial controls to film and TV productions. Robbert is one of its managing directors.

 Fintage House is an independent company that deals with Film, TV and Music rights. Established in 1986, Fintage is a market leader in developing and implementing tailor-made, transparent and pro-active solutions for international entertainment industries.Over the last 30 years, we have built up an extensive network of contacts across the globe within the remit of finance, production, publishing, collection and distribution in the audiovisual and music business.

We are present at every major market/festival and we look after many high profile independent film producers, music estates and iconic stars along with international actors and actresses. We have been involved with thousands of film productions and TV series and have more than a hundred memberships with collective management organizations around the world.

We are committed to giving fast, transparent and accurate rights collections across the globe through a multitude of solutions.



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