Show Me the F#©k!ng Money – Series to Launch at Cannes 2013

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Film Festivals are attended by the world’s Industry leaders and those hungry to get into the business of film.

Show Me the F#©k!ng Money will launch at Cannes, one of the world’s most exciting and glamorous festivals, giving insider access to the attendees of this exclusive event. Exclusivity = access to a highly-concentrated target market of industry professionals: executive Producers, talent, directors, financiers, distributors and the leaders and influencers that are all part of a key group of decision makers making and selling movies today.

On May 17-19 (Friday-Sunday) we will shoot the first episodes. We are interviewing many top industry insiders in the first episodes, and are open to other suggestions. Our first interviews at Cannes will each 10-15 minutes in length, with cut downs based on themes.

We will do an intimate launch party for our interviewees and production crew, along with A-level attendees to get the word out. A bigger launch is planned for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), and we plan to be ready with the book before Sundance/Berlinale 2014 giving us plenty of time to make it all a success.

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