TIFF 2014

Vinca at Cannes

Steven and I are heading  to TIFF 2014.  We will be shooting 10+ more segments of our new web series SHOW ME THE F#©K!NG MONEY: How to Invest, Raise & Recoup Your Money in the Film Industry.  I’m personally planning to see a lot of films (my game plan is an estimated 25 movies this week), and have lots of meetings and events to attend as well.  I also have a client coming up, who we’ll interview on the show.  Glenn Macura is a prominent art dealer in New York, who decided that he wanted to make movies too.  Last year in formed a new feature film company called Kind Right Films, and has already shot three features with another going into production in January.  These are all micro budget films, but have been created to take advantage of international talent and are based in part on optioned material. Starting small in order to learn the business of film has been Glenn’s vision from the start, as he finances and produces each of the movies.  His purpose in coming to TIFF is to meet a select group of sales agents in order to form a long term relationship, as his films continue to expand and distribute.  He is doing the business of film smart, keeping tight budgets, and focused well-crafted screenplays from his writer/director, Alvin Case, who has helped to create the visionary features.  TWLP new one sheet   We’ll be interviewing Glenn this week on SMTFM TV to get his perspective regarding investing his money in the film business.  We’ll also be interviewing Laura Ivey, from The Exhange, and Zev Foreman, from Voltage Media, two of well regarded sales agencies in the business.  Bruce Deichl, from Tax Credits LLC will be flying up just to join us on the show from the Tri-State area. Bruce is one of the leading experts in the U.S. on tax credits, and he has helped to broker deals in most of the active U.S. states.  Maren Olson, at Traction Media is also joining us, and will give our guests a perspective on what a “Rep” does as well as packaging films. TIFF is one of my personal favorites of the bigger festivals.  It is stress free in terms of attendees abilities to see film, take meetings, go to events and trainings, schedule intimate dinners, and of course indulge in a party or 10. The Canadians have it all going on.  SMTFM has had several prominent Canadians on the series already, including Charlene Paling, Associate VP of Commercial Banking for National Bank of Canada.  I hope you’ll watch her Segment in which she discusses Canadian financing and co-production.  Check it out at http://showmethefkingmoney.tv/charlene-paling/   We also interviewed David Zitzerman, one of the most highly regarded entertainment lawyers in Canada, and a long time partner at Goodmans.  David’s interview gives insights into working on co-productions on major studio projects that are shot globally, and often financed and distributed by multiple parties.  Check David’s interview out   at http://showmethefkingmoney.tv/david-zitzerman/  which aired September 3, 2014 for the first time.  Coming up next week is another prominent Canadian, and one of the most important to the Canadian film industry:  Bill Marshall, the founder of the Toronto Film Festival.  I met Bill for the first time with his wife, Sari Ruda, at TIFF at their annual luncheon, one of the most in-the-know parties at the festival. Bill helped establish many of the governmental entities that oversee film financing in Canada today, and has produced several feature films himself.   Bill’s interview will go up September 10th in celebration and recognition of his ongoing contribution to TIFF, and you’ll find it at http://showmethefkingmoney.tv/bill-marshall/   This week we add another important Canadian, David Carter, President of Canada Film Capital.  Watch out for his bio and interview exclusively on SMTFM.

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